Top Tips For Using Photoshop To Make Your Skin Look Better


Ever bothered by that pimple on your cheek that you cannot hide from the camera? How about taking a selfie and then you found that there seems to be more lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth? Sure, you can do a skin care regimen that can make your skin look better. But it can take time. Before your skin improves, that photo of yours showing your ageing skin may already be circulating in social media.

To avoid this from happening, do a few tricks using the magic of Photoshop before uploading your photos in the internet. A retouch here and there can improve your photo a great deal. It can hide blemishes while highlighting your beauty. A word of caution though – refrain from overdoing the tricks. Going beyond the necessary will make the image come out unnatural.

Adjust the White Balance

The white balance is important in making the skin tones appear more natural. Sometimes, photos taken indoors, especially with incandescent lighting available, may make the image look yellowish. Photoshop can help regain the natural color of the skin.

Soften the Skin Area

There are many Photoshop techniques that can smoothen as well as soften the skin. These methods can erase wrinkles and fine lines, subdue the appearance of pores, and replace dry skin with younger looking smoothness. You can select the areas that you want to soften so that the hair, eyes and mouth can still appear sharp and clear.

Take Out Acne, Freckles, and Stretch Marks

With spot healing brush or patch tool, you can take away scars, acne, pimples, freckles, or stretch marks. Skin issues such as these can easily be removed with Photoshop. The clone or patch tool is useful in removing a slight shadow or stray hairs and make the area blend with the rest of your skin. Go easy in tempering the freckles. Don’t lose them completely so that it does not fully alter the natural look of the skin.

Brighten Skin

Sometimes a photo may register dark and may appear dull. Through Photoshop, the picture may still be brightened and can make the face glow. When this happens, the edited version can emulate a healthy complexion.