Graphic design better from a young age

Hearing the job title “Graphic Designer,” the first thing that would come into your mind is having the ability or the skill to draw. This is quite the contrary because the truth is, you don’t have to possess impeccable drawing skills in order to become one. It would take a lot more than that.

Graphic designers create visual concepts. This can either be done by hand or using a computer software. Their main task is to communicate ideas and messages with the use of images, layouts, fonts, colors and lines. In a way you can say that they are visual communicators and they play an important role in the marketing and sales of certain products.

Graphic designers first meet up with the client in order to understand the scope and purpose of the project. They get information as to who the target audience of this campaign is and what kind of message they want to send across. From there, the graphic designer will then develop visual images or graphic images for the product and create them. He is responsible in selecting the font style, the color palette, the images and the layout that will be used in the design. This will then be presented to the client for approval before this is printed or published.

Creating a layout or a concept do not really require you to know how to draw because these are rough ideas that you can scribble on paper. Once you have that idea, you can always use a computer software in creating that masterpiece.

In order to become a good graphic designer, you have to know how to listen. Listen to your clients and what they want to happen. You have to know how to listen to the experts in the field so you learn best practices. Most importantly you never stop practicing. And if possible, start from a very early age. Some of the graphic designers these days seem to be so young. So young that it seems that they wouldn’t even be out of disposable diapers. I guess it is getting like that we everything. Sport players are starting younger and now so are graphic designers with kids drawing skillfully from a very young age. Take all you learn and put them into good use. It is by practicing over and over again that you eventually become an expert.


Photoshop is a software that was developed and now being used in editing photos. With the use of that software, one can crop, resize, manipulate or correct the color of digital photos. It can remove imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles to the point that images that you’re left with are almost perfect.

Images that were photoshopped are used in advertising and marketing in order to get the attention of the consumers. Men are made to look more chiseled and lean and women have more clear and glowing skin. Skinny women are made to look even skinnier and these photos are in promoting different products often related to beauty and skin care. Although most people are aware that these photos were altered, the effects of these circulating in the public may harmful to the adults and teens, men and women alike.

Several people that struggle with their body image are the first to be affected by these photoshopped images. Their self esteem further dragged down even if they know at the back of their minds that these photos do not exist – such perfection is not real. Looking at these photos these people will start to feel that they are not pretty enough or thin enough or flawless enough to be accepted, thus leading to the development of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. People become overly critical of themselves and it is almost unhealthy. They become less confident.

There’s a lot that you can do with the software but it would be better if this is being used responsibly. These images may sell because of its perfection but we also want to promote positive body image and healthy self esteem. We want people to be more accepting with their imperfections no matter how small or big they are and we want them to appreciate true beauty when they see one and not become fixated with some made up images.


It’s the bane of teenagers, and even adults: acne breakouts, unsightly spots that mar smooth, otherwise flawless skin. We all have acne-fighting experience, the years of covering pimples and repeatedly washing away any potential blemish-causing dirt with a mix of special products and medications. After all, who hasn’t heard of a million different remedies for keeping skin clear? Yet there’s one particular theory about acne that’s worrisome: can food, and chocolate in particular, lead to an increase in breakouts?

You’ve most likely heard that chocolate, most people’s favorite sweet treat, can bring on a host of skin problems – inflammation, blemishes, and increased oil. Countless people believe that chocolate is to blame for breakouts in individuals of any age. Although chocolate has been touted as an acne-increasing food for decades, science doesn’t exactly prove that steering clear of this tasty food will do your skin any good.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban denied that chocolate is responsible for your skin woes and breakouts. It isn’t eating chocolate that brings on blemishes; it also isn’t any other sweet, sugary, or fatty foods. Dr. Shamban remarked that ingesting chocolate and similar treats every so often won’t bring on a host of skin conditions. Rather, individuals who eat diets that are full of sugars and fatty foods will find themselves suffering from breakouts. When we eat too much of these unhealthy foods, our bodies respond by triggering inflammatory responses like increased sebum, or oil, and redness. It’s these biological responses to an unhealthy diet that can lead to skin problems.

Why has chocolate earned itself such a bad reputation, particularly when it comes to acne? Well, according to Dr. Shamban, all varieties of chocolate except dark feature an awful lot of dairy, sugar, and unnatural additives. Eating these unhealthy ingredients on a regular basis can not only inflame the body, but may also cause hormonal imbalances. This is why women crave it when their hormones change each month and estrogen rises – and with hormonal changes come increased oil production and new skin developments.

Ultimately, as Dr. Diana Walder confirmed to Prevention, there’s no reason to blame chocolate for your skin difficulties. If you’re wondering why you’re breaking out, or why you can’t seem to stop acne from reappearing, it isn’t a quick snack of chocolate every so often – it’s a poor diet overall. Don’t blame your sweet tooth, but perhaps your lack of fruits and veggies.


Ever bothered by that pimple on your cheek that you cannot hide from the camera? How about taking a selfie and then you found that there seems to be more lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth? Sure, you can do a skin care regimen that can make your skin look better. But it can take time. Before your skin improves, that photo of yours showing your ageing skin may already be circulating in social media.

To avoid this from happening, do a few tricks using the magic of Photoshop before uploading your photos in the internet. A retouch here and there can improve your photo a great deal. It can hide blemishes while highlighting your beauty. A word of caution though – refrain from overdoing the tricks. Going beyond the necessary will make the image come out unnatural.

Adjust the White Balance

The white balance is important in making the skin tones appear more natural. Sometimes, photos taken indoors, especially with incandescent lighting available, may make the image look yellowish. Photoshop can help regain the natural color of the skin.

Soften the Skin Area

There are many Photoshop techniques that can smoothen as well as soften the skin. These methods can erase wrinkles and fine lines, subdue the appearance of pores, and replace dry skin with younger looking smoothness. You can select the areas that you want to soften so that the hair, eyes and mouth can still appear sharp and clear.

Take Out Acne, Freckles, and Stretch Marks

With spot healing brush or patch tool, you can take away scars, acne, pimples, freckles, or stretch marks. Skin issues such as these can easily be removed with Photoshop. The clone or patch tool is useful in removing a slight shadow or stray hairs and make the area blend with the rest of your skin. Go easy in tempering the freckles. Don’t lose them completely so that it does not fully alter the natural look of the skin.

Brighten Skin

Sometimes a photo may register dark and may appear dull. Through Photoshop, the picture may still be brightened and can make the face glow. When this happens, the edited version can emulate a healthy complexion.


Getting ready for work in the morning leaves little time for careful preparations – most of us jump out of bed thanks to the shrill sound of our alarm clock, rush to get dressed, and hustle out the door. Many of us don’t have the extra minutes it takes to prepare a homemade lunch, let alone snacks to fight off hunger throughout the day. However, it’s that lack of care when it comes to what we eat throughout the workday that causes harm to our bodies and diets. Typically, the foods we snack on during the work week are higher in fat and sugar, and considerably less healthy than if we’d packed our own food.

We aren’t the smartest snackers when stuck in the workplace, but if you take the time to prepare snacks at home to leave at work, you’ll find yourself more energized and eating healthier every day. When we’re bored or stressed, we turn to snacking, so it’s important to keep smart treats nearby. Here are some snacks that will keep you from indulging in candy, cookies, and greasy foods when at work.


Nuts are an excellent choice for a healthy snack, and the best of this category is almonds. Almonds are high in protein and healthy fats, making them a snack that satisfies any lingering hunger. Every handful of almonds also contains a significant amount of fiber and vitamin E to do even more good for your body.

Homemade Protein Bars

Protein bars are a quick and simple snack – eat one, and you’ve consumed the perfect serving of a food that’ll help stave off hunger. However, store-bought protein bars can come loaded with unnecessary sugars and fats, so it’s best to make your own. Include oats, protein powder, peanut butter, and a combination of your favorite fruits and nuts to make a well-rounded and healthy bar.


You might worry that pretzels are too salty of a snack to eat every day at work. In fact, pretzels are quite the healthy choice. Low in fat and containing healthy amounts of carbs, a handful or two of pretzels will help keep your stomach from growling throughout the workday. As an added bonus, the salty taste of pretzels will make you thirsty, which will lead you to drink more water throughout the day.

Hummus and Vegetables

Vegetables are an obvious choice for those looking to snack at their desk – but, when combined with hummus, you can turn vegetables into a more satisfying and substantial snack. Carrots, celery, cucumber, and other vegetables paired with hummus offer calcium, iron, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates, all of which keep you healthy and your blood sugar from spiking due to hunger.

Slim Model

Visit a nearby magazine stand and you will find magazine covers showing women with slender bodies and flawless skins. It is no secret that publications utilize editing software, such as Photoshop, to enhance the digital images of models. Nonetheless, there is ongoing debate whether such technique is really necessary or not.

Portraying What Is Inspirational

Industry insiders claim that airbrushing photographs, such as taking out some blemishes and stray hairs, are needed to enrich how the models look like. Magazine staff treats editing of photos as an equivalent of editing a text so as to present the best version there is.

They see the need to portray the ideal, what is perfect, to encourage their readers to dream and aspire for something good and wonderful.

Distorting Reality

This tactic, however, has created a clamor in society to present what is true and real. Many believe that such portrayal of perfection – slim waists, slender thighs and arms, flawless skin, nice curves – have gone overboard, misleading young women and urging them to achieve what seems to be improbable. Activists even assert that these images of ultra slim models have distorted the concept of beauty.

Even some of the models themselves, who are constantly hounded by the extreme demands and pressure of the job and the expectations, profess that all their efforts to slim down and beautify themselves still fall short of the standard. What with the entire photo editing that is still involved in the process. Despite being thin and slender, Photoshop will still slice off a portion of some of their body making them look slim and as if they have been on a diet for years to lose that weight. And while the main goal is to depict perfection, sometimes the end result is a weird and awkward representation of the person.

Natural Is Beautiful

Understanding the sense of the uproar by those critical to the use of Photoshop on magazine images, countries like France, Australia and the United Kingdom have been looking into policies that will require the use of footnotes or disclaimers if photos used are altered.

In the end, society hopes to inculcate that what is natural is beautiful – flaws, blemishes and all. It will take time and effort to instil this perspective to the minds of readers, especially of the new generation.